How to make the best use of your Fridge

Here are some tips to make the best use of your fridge to help preserve food for longer.

Clean your fridge about once a week.

Do not put open tins in your fridge. This is because most foods are slightly acidic. The acid in the foods can react with the air and the metal of the tin to give the food a slightly metallic taste. Put any left over tinned food in a clean container cover with a lid or cling film and label with contents and date.

Your fridge will work much more efficiently if you wrap all foods that are not already properly sealed with cling film or use polythene bags. Make sure bottles are jars are thoroughly lidded. It is the water evaporating from the foods and liquids in your fridge that causes ice to form.

Ready to eat foods such as sandwiches, yoghurt, butter, cooked meat products, etc. should be stored in your fridge above raw meat, raw fish and raw vegetables.

This is to stop the bacteria from the raw foods contaminating the ready to eat foods. Always wrap everything properly.

Do not overload your fridge and always leave plenty of air circulation space.

Your fridge should be between 1ºC and 4ºC. Check the temperature regularly.

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