Why is it good for your company to offer training sessions to your employees at your premises?

Employers, especially new start-ups often tend to think of training as a waste of time and money.
They would rather their employees did actual work, rather than waste their time ‘relaxing’ in training. However, is that really wise?

Take for example, a corner café where you decide to go for a quick cup of coffee.
However, the waitress seems to be rude, doesn’t know the menu or doesn’t understand what you want.

On the other hand, there is another café in the neighbourhood, which has a very polite staff and every time you go in there, you are greeted with a smile.

Which one of the two would you want to go back to? The answer is obvious, isn’t it?

Now consider another scenario. There are two cafes, A and B.

  • A is a well-established café with staff that has been well trained and been working there for a while. Café.
  • B however, is new and the employers decide to hire staff that are more experienced than Café A’s, but cuts down on training costs.

Which one do you think would be better? If you were wondering, it would still be Café A, because it doesn’t matter how much experience your staff has unless you train them to your needs. Training is never general, but always specific in nature.

If you want to achieve good results for your employees, you have to invest time in them individually. However costly this may seem, and even though there may not be any tangible benefits in the short term, employee training always returns rewards in the longer term. When you train them individually, you are not only training them for their work, but also so they can fill in for someone else when needed.

You also show them that they are valuable assets to your organization, and because you have invested in them, they are not dispensable. It increases a feeling of job security amongst them and also inspires them to relate better with the job. They feel a part of the business.

There are many companies that would go on promoting themselves as employee friendly, but if they really are employee friendly, they wouldn’t need to fund big advertising campaigns to say it.

If you train your employees properly and invest in them, the results may seem intangible, but they could be worth more than what you could ever imagine.

Sometimes you may be unable to train employees on your own. In which case you could employ the services of an onsite training company, like Carlton Training who can bring specialised training staff to your premises and deliver training tailored to your needs.

Onsite training can also be an easy way to save money, as you can train a large group of employees in a single place and completely cut the travelling costs.

Not only that, when you decide to train employees at your own premises, it can act as an excellent bonding experience for the employees, as the entire process takes the form of a workshop, which is both easy and enjoyable.

Remember, regularly training your employees not only increases their skill-set, it also increases their enthusiasm towards work.

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