Why hiring ex-service personnel is good for your business

War veterans. When you think of them, the first image in your mind might be a poppy. But is buying a poppy enough?

A great number of our ex-military people end up working hourly jobs through agencies. This is often related to a dogmatic attitude of society, which conceives these well-trained personnel as unwanted or unfit for normal jobs. However, is that really true?

Veterans have some of the most desirable skillsets that are needed by recruiters: leadership skills, ability to work under pressure and flexibility. These are people who have been in the most stressful of situations and weathered it, head on. You can trust your life with them in times of need.

  • Leadership Skills

There is no place like the Armed Forces to learn about leadership. They have been trained to follow chain of command and they would do it without questions asked. They are 20 something and yet leading missions in far off locations that demands a great amount of skills in establishing first contact. They have had real life experiences in crisis management and handled it better than your average run of the mill candidate.

  • Ability to work under pressure

They have been trained to work under stressful conditions. Be it the hot weather in a desert or the cold climes of the arctic. They can keep a cool head and still take orders from superiors. If you hire them, you could put them into any pressure situation and they would still complete their set objective.

  • Flexibility

If you think of them as a gun wielding GI Joe, but is that the right image? These are the same people who would be helping civilians re-build houses and set up emergency clinics, shelters and food distribution in crisis zones

They are more flexible than any Tom, Dick or Harry. They don’t hold egos against performance and adapt as and when they are required to.

  • Multi – cultural experience

A brief glance at the map of the world will remind you of the many and varied places our Armed Forces have served in during recent years. Everywhere has its own unique blend of people, customs, protocols and challenges which involve dealing with people from different ethnic, linguistic or religious groups. Many of our service personnel will have dealt with areas of ethnic and religious rivalry , often in the role of peacekeeping. Awareness of cultural and religious diversity as well as the conflict management skills of this role translate can translate well to the workplace.


When you are hiring a veteran, you need to be straightforward in your approach and provide them with guidance about your organisational structure and what’s expected of them. They expect a command structure; so let them know whom they answer to. Also, inform them of any objectives, both short and long term that your organization aims to achieve. This will facilitate their working and help them understand better about what is expected of them.

If you are concerned about how to train your new set of employees in a training regime that is tailor made to suit your needs, contact us at Carlton Training.

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