10 easy steps for a successful career change.

So you have decided on a career change. But how do you actually move from one to other? Here are a few steps that can help you with the transition.

1) Set your priorities right

The first step to make the transition is to figure out your priorities. Why are you looking for this career change? What does job satisfaction mean to you? Are you after: more flexible working hours, more money, more responsibility, etc. What is it you seek?

2) Have a positive approach

When you move from your old career to a new one, you will need to have a positive approach. Make the choice for right reasons, not because you envy someone else making more money than you do. After you have figured out your priorities and what you want for your new career, strive hard towards achieving your goal and always stay on track.

3) Re-evaluate your past

Those who don’t heed history are doomed to fail. Review your past career choices and carefully think about what went right and what went wrong the last time. Think about the positives you can take from your last job and negatives that you would want to avoid.

4) Get ready to charm prospective employers

Make a list of points that reflect your personality. Be honest and read it back. This will give you confidence, as well as something to talk about in the interviews ahead.

5) Bring something new to the table

Based on your previous experience, think what is it about your skills that makes you unique. Write down all the skills and expertise that you bring to the table that could set you apart from others in the fray.

6) Think about your approach

Do some research about your new career. If you are not sure, you might want to try out working for a short period to know what the job entails. Work sabbaticals are increasingly becoming popular where people try out different career options for an extended period before deciding on their choice.

7) Build contacts

It is as important as it ever was to build contacts in the right places. Take your time to follow people on social media that are relevant to your career choice. Talk to them, read about them and try to arrange a meeting if possible. It will help you get a clear perspective of what you need to do to get the job.

8) Build an impressive resume

Approach recruitment agencies for help with this. They are the ones who deal with thousands of job seekers every day. Take their advice and make any changes to your resume that might be appealing to people who are looking to hire. Also, adding some certificate courses to your profile will enhance your chances of landing that dream job.

9) Be confident

Prepare for meetings and interviews before hand. Be confident in your abilities and do thorough research about the job, the company and the people you are going to meet. Wear a smile and leave a lasting impression.

10) Be persistent

Looking for a career change is hard work, but will be worth the rewards once you are through the initial phase. Think of it as wooing the love of your life – you need to pamper her, treat her right, be loyal and charming before you propose.


Follow these tips and you should be well set on track to your new career.

Happy hunting!


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