Keep the cakes safe !!

You know those yummy looking cakes we all love ?

Well however good your cakes look and taste you’ll want to make sure they are safe to eat.

As well as a risk to your waistline you’ll be surprised that there are also some food safety risks involved with cakes.

Don’t worry though you can reduce the risks by following some easy steps :

1. Keep your baking area clear of other foods or utensils being used elsewhere in the kitchen.
2. Raw egg can carry food poisoning so keep your baked cakes away from any mixture or dough.
3. Everybody knows you should your wash hands before cooking, but you’ll also need to wash them after handing the eggs or the raw cake mixture so you don’t contaminate things.
4. Use-by dates – make sure all your ingredients are within their use-by dates, this will help ensure your cakes are as wholesome as they look.

Believe it or not cakes and breads are amongst the lowest risk types of food, mainly because of the very high cooking temperatures involved which tend to kill and harmful bacteria.  Freshly baked cakes are practically sterile as the oven acts like a giant autoclave.  Problems tent to arise not in the cooking process itself but in between cooking and eating whith exposure to contamination via people’s hands, utensils, work surfaces etc.

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