Are you ready for a career change?

If you have been thinking a lot about your work and your career in particular, maybe it’s time you evaluate your career options. You can figure out if you are ready for a career path change or not after reading this.

Why should you look for a change in career?

  • Your schedule has changed

You may be looking for a change because your schedule might have changed now. It may be due to a newborn in the family or someone else you have to look after, or maybe because you had decided to go back to school for a professional degree. If that’s the case, then it’s right to think about a career change as your personal priorities should always come first. Remember you earn to eat, not vice versa.

  • Your job doesn’t gratify you

If you are having trouble defining your role at work and you can’t foresee any career growth, even with more responsibility, then it’s probably a good idea to pursue a career change. But before that, consider your options and research if it’s a case only with your present job or everywhere for your profile role. If it’s the former, you might want to just look for a different place to work rather than changing your career.

  • Your career choice is not exciting

In present economic conditions, it can be quite tough to land your dream job. You may have taken up a job because you needed the money. However, if you are waking up every morning, trying to drag yourself to work just because you need the money, it’s best to look for career opportunities that you would actually enjoy.

  • Your job is keeping you on the run

It’s easy to work round the clock and be on the run when you are young, however, after a while you would like to settle down into things and lead a normal life. If you think this is not the case with you, and your job is keeping you busy and it’s the only thing on your mind, it can easily be a cause of stress and ill health. You might want to evaluate your career options in this case before you suffer a burn out.

  • What should you consider?


Your Job Status

Before opting for a career change you might want to think about your job status. Have you already considered your new career? Would you have to start from the bottom again? How much time will you have to spend looking for a new job?

  • Your Financial Status

If you are planning on resigning and then looking for a new career, you should consider your financial status. Will you be able to afford it? Do you have enough savings to carry you through the time you would be spending looking for the new job? Will you be taking up any professional training that you would have to pay for?

Experts suggest that you would need to be financially secure for at least 6 months when you are looking for a career change. You might even have to take up a temporary job if the need be.

  • Your family’s opinion

Have you discussed your decision with your family? Are they supportive of you and your plans for a new career? What do they have to say about it?

Consider all of the above questions and don’t make any rash decisions, because you would need your family’s support for this. Make sure you are on the same page as them and you both understand why you need to do this and what impacts it would have.

  • Your own commitment

Finally, it’s about your own commitment. Make sure you are ready for the coming changes, in work and personal life. You might be in a habit of getting up early and leaving for work, but now you will have to spend time looking for new jobs. It can be boring as well as mentally challenging. Also, be sure that this is what you want and you would be ready to see it through to the end.


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