Quick tips : First Aid training for schools

If you work at a school you’ve probably come across pupils who have hurt themselves or are ill and need your help. Of course this is not part of your main role at work but you need to know what to do and what your responsibilities are….

Working in a school environment gives you some unique responsibilities for any children in your care, and even though you might not be a designated First Aider there are some things to remember when dealing with a pupil who needs help :

1. You don’t need a valid First Aid certificate in order to help a pupil in your care.  Even if you don’t have a certificate, or the certificate has expired and is no longer valid this does not exempt you from helping a pupil should they require it.  In these cases involving your pupils  you are required to act in place of the pupil’s parent and give the care and support that any reasonable parent would in the same situation, this includes giving first aid.  There is even a fancy legal name for this obligation “in loco parentis” – which directly translates as “in place of the parent”

2. Legally you don’t need to have had any first aid training to give first aid to a pupil.  The “in loco parentis” principle applies even if you have never had first aid training, of course it’s always best to make sure you do know what to do in an emergency.  So if you have not had any recent training consider a first aid course which can be held at your school.   

3. You shouldn’t avoid helping because you worry about being sued.  With the rise in “no win=no fee” lawyers as well as press stories about claims for damages from all sorts of situations people often worry about helping and then being taken to court.  There have been no cases involving people giving first aid at school to pupils and then being sued.  In fact as you are required to act as any reasonable parent would then you would potentially be in trouble if you did not help.

Carlton Training run First aid courses at schools – we come along with all the equipment and materials needed for the training and our expert instructors give you the skills and knowledge to help out in an emergency.

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