Football clubs to get defibrillators

Following the collapse of Fabrice Muamba who was playing for Bolton Wanderers against Tottenham Hotspur in the 2012 FA cup quarter final, the FA have announced that in collaboration with the British Heart Foundation a fund to provide defibrillators to non-league and and Womens Super League clubs.

The announcement of the fund to provide 900 defibrillators comes nearly a year after Muamba collapsed suddenly mid-game and went into cardiac arrest.  His survival and recovery was due to the quick arrival and use of a defibrillator at Spurs White Hart Lane stadium, along with the advanced care provided by paramedics, a cardic surgeon who was a spectator at the match, and the care he received later at the London Chest Hospital.  A stunned crowd watched as the super-fit 23 year old fell to the ground and stopped breathing.  On site medics arrived within moments to begin treatment before moving him by ambulance to hospital.

Muamba, originally from Congo, was previously cleared by his regular medical check and had no previous indications of heart problems.  His general state of physical fitness was deemed to have been within the top 1% of the population, yet he was without a heatbeat for over one hour as medics applied CPR and the defibrillator to him.  After a touch and go 24 hour period Muamba rapidly improved and was soon walking, talking, giving interviews and explaining what he was going through.  Although the cardiac arrest has not left him unscathed, he’s had to retire from football, he is now other wise well and has recently married.

Widespread use of defibrillators amongst smaller clubs will hopefully bring the same chances of survival to players and fans who collapse at less well know venues, many of which do not have any dedicated equipment.  Providing prompt CPR and defibrillation


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