Well done to all candidates on our Personal Licence course in Birmingham

Well done to all our candidates who passed the Personal Licence course at our Birmingham training site !

All candidates are now qualified with the “Award for Personal Licence Holders” qualification, this allows you to apply to your local council.

This continues our very high success rate here at Carlton Training – we get well above the national average through the qualification.  This is down to several factors, not least of which is our team of expert tutor who give everybody all the skills and knowledge needed to qualify.  We also have the courses very well planned, with lots of interactive activities, mock exams, tests and quizzes to get people fully prepared for their exam.  Backing all this up is our range of course materials and handout which candidates are given before and during the course, these ensure everybody has access to all the information they need for any last minuite revision, reading or reference.


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