Being an Assessor: what training ? which qualification ?

Assessors unlike invigilators are experts in their field and like to share their understanding of a subject for the benefit of others. They put their professional wisdom and experience to use by supporting students who want to get a qualification. The scope to work extends across any subject field that requires people to be formally assessed, whether it be for a recognised qualification or for an internal workplace assessment.

On the job

As an assessor you are likely to be employed by a company, college or training organisation. Depending on your choice of work, you might be asked to travel to assess prospective students in their place of work, or assess employees at your own site. Your role will be between a teacher, a mentor and a career counsellor. You will have to assess the candidates, guide, and also help them succeed.

Normally as an assessor, you could conduct vocational workshops, assess people at work, help assess candidates for recruitment, provide guidance, nurture your students and finally confirm the award of their certificate or qualification to validate their skills.

Normally assessors bring in their own professional qualifications into assessing others and as such, do it with their regular job. There are still others who work freelance and manage their own clients. An assessor can on an average earn a starting salary of somewhere around £18-20K p.a. and it increases with experience. Freelance assessors earn around £15 an hour.


There are three main options in terms of courses for people to become qualified as assessors.

- Level 3 – Award in Assessing Competence in the Work Environment

This is a programme for people who want to use their skills to assess in the workplace. Some skills included in this are: observation, examining work products, oral interviews and discussions, etc.

- Level 3 – Award in Assessing Vocationally Related Achievement

It is a programme for people who want to assess others in a classroom environment or training workshops. Such assessors are needed for skills tests, oral and written questions, assignments, projects and case studies, etc.

- Level 3 – Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement

This is a comprehensive assessing programme which qualifies you to assess others, in the classroom and also in their workplace.

Assessor training is a useful and handy qualification that you might need at any time. It’s better to have the qualification in hand than need it and not have it. For more information, call us at 0845 299 4049.

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