Choosing the right 1st aider for your business: What skills should you be looking for?

Deciding who to choose as your company first aider is an important decision. Not only will they be getting mandatory certification, they could also be the difference between life and death in an emergency. Here are some skills you should look for in the person when making your choice.

  •   Proper communication skills

First aiders need to communicate with the sick or injured as well as with the emergency services. They should have proper communication skills and a people friendly demeanour. It is all the more essential when taking care of casualties and passing them on to the next level of care.


  •   Works well under pressure

Every cut and bruise may require a first aid, but it becomes more challenging when a first aider has to deal with an emergency like a cardiac arrest. They need to be naturally calm under pressure so they handle such a situation without panicking.


  •   Possesses ability to work with others

Very often first aiders are required to work as part of a team with other first aiders and assisting the emergency services. Your choice of person must be a team player.


  •   Able to take command when necessary

In case of an emergency, the leadership responsibilities might very well end up on the shoulders of a first aider. They may have to direct their colleagues and bystanders to assist them in their tasks. Choose someone who is a quick thinker and can lead from the front when necessary.


  •   Be available to act

First aiders need to be available to handle a crisis or emergency when it occurs, so make sure you’ll have somebody who is normally on site – if a first aider is regularly away visiting clients or working from home they won’t be on hand to help.


  •   Be aware of their limitations

First aiders always need to put lives before pride. They should recognise their own limits in knowledge and skills, and be able to call for emergency help when needed.

Make sure that your choice of person is comfortable with the additional responsibility that comes with the role of First Aider. You might also need more than one first aider depending on the size of your organisation or if you are running multiple work shifts. If you have staff who work remotely, you should consider giving them least basic first aid training.


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