What qualification do I need to offer myself as a private cook for lunches and dinners?

I would like to offer myself as a cook in private homes for lunches and / or dinners for up to ten people. What courses do I need to follow to get the right qualifications?

You might have decided that you have mastered the culinary skills, perhaps you have been holding dinner parties and inviting your friends to meals at your house. Possibly you’re a fan of that great reality TV programme “Come Dine With Me” where people compete to serve the best meal to guests in their own homes.

You’re now ready to launch your career as the go-to person for authentic home-cooked food served in the welcoming environment they know and love. However you’ll need to make sure you are complying with several areas of legislation, including food safety law.

Since you’ll be a food business, even if this is not your main income, you must register with your local council. This won’t cost you anything but it’s a legal requirement and failure to do so could land you in hot water.

Once you are registered you need to make sure that the food you serve is safe and that you can prove that you are taking all reasonable steps to ensure your customers are not harmed by what they eat.

A vital part of this is to make sure that you have had appropriate food safety training and the minimum you should consider is the 1-day Level 2 Food Safety course.

This leads to a nationally recognised certificate and will not only help you to ensure that your food is safe, but will also help you show that you are complying with the law.

When you are up and running with your new venture hopefully everything will go well and your delicious offerings will soon have folk flocking to you.

At this stage you may consider employing people, perhaps friends or family members, to help out in the kitchen.

By this stage you’ll be a fully fledged business and you’ll need to make sure your assistants are trained too.

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