Level 2 Award in Safeguarding and Protecting Children and Young People (RQF)

Child Protection

This nationally recognised 1-day course is ideal for those working with children and young people, including teachers, school staff, nursery staff, youth workers, childminders, sports coaches, outdoor activity instructors and after-school club staff.  This could also include people in voluntary or unpaid positions and workers at all levels, including managers, supervisors, full-time and part-time staff.

You will gain an understanding of your role in establishing a safe environment, safe working practices for protecting children and young people from harm and abuse.

This course also covers how to respond to evidence or concerns that a child or young person has been abused.

The objective of this qualification is to support your role in the workplace and help you and your organisation comply with the law and best practice.

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Legislation such as the Children Act 2004 places duties on a range of organisations to ensure they safeguard and promote the welfare of children. This includes the need for appropriate safeguarding training.

This course can help employers show that your organisation is being responsible and ensuring that staff are competent to carry out their responsibilities towards safeguarding.

The course will help to increase your safeguarding knowledge through a variety of interactive exercises and teach you more about what’s involved in the safeguarding process.

We will help you know how to identify abuse and report concerns as well as learn more about the safeguarding structure, recognising risks.

child protection

Our team of expert child protection and safeguarding instructors will help you:

  • gain the knowledge needed to deal with child protection and safeguarding
  • provide an up to date and safe environment for children and young people
  • ensure that you and your organisation is complying with the law
  • gain a nationally recognised certificate


This 1-day course is suitable both for complete beginners without any prior knowledge, as well as people who have had previous safeguarding training yet wish to update their skills and gain this nationally recognised qualification. Retraining is recommended every three years.

Course contents

  1. Understanding how you can safeguard and protect children and young people
  2. The law on safeguarding children and young people
  3. How to protect yourself and others from allegations and complaints
  4. How to report concerns about children and young people
  5. Dealing with concerns that a child or young person has been abused
  6. Different types of child abuse and how to spot them
  7. How to respond to evidence that a child or young person has been abused or is at risk
  8. How to share information with other staff about abuse or suspected abuse

Train at our venues or we'll come to you. Call us on: 0845 299 4049 or Contact Us to find out more.

We run child protection training in London, Middlesex, Croydon, Guildford, Chelmsford, Milton Keynes, Chesterfield, Oxford, Slough, Swindon, Birmingham, Manchester, Essex, Peterborough, Leeds, Liverpool, Bradford, Sheffield, Blackpool, Leicester, Portsmouth, Southampton, Bournemouth, Brighton, Norwich, Newcastle, Cardiff, Bristol, Plymouth, Glasgow, Swansea, Reading, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Belfast, Oxfordshire, Warrington and Norwich. 

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