Effective Feedback Strategies – 1 day CPD

One-Day Continuing Professional Development event for Teachers, Instructors and Assessors


Designed by Carlton Training experts’ to help trainers, instructors, teachers and assessors manage and record their skills and keep up to date with best practice.

Good feedback practice benefits both the teacher and the student. Therefore our aim is to help you deliver constructive feedback.

You will look at the theory behind providing feedback, discuss written and verbal feedback methods and practise using them.

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CPD - Effective Feedback Strategies

Declaring your CPD is an important requirement for all professionals and is recommended by the Institute for Learning and for good reason too: ensuring your skills and knowledge about the latest techniques are up to date and relevant to your profession is plain common sense.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to get the best possible CPD experience and join us on the any of the dates below.

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Call us on 0845 299 4049 for upcoming course dates.

This one-day CPD event is focused on Effective Feedback Strategies and is perfect to enhance and polish your skills in a variety of different feedback techniques.  This one-day event will give you an opportunity to link theory and practice by participating in our exercises that will help you deliver effective feedback in many forms.

If you’ve attended our PTLLS, CTLLS or Assessor Awards event then you should attend this CPD, because it will equip you with skills that are briefly introduced, but are not covered in greater detail on those events. Effective feedback skills will complement any practising teacher’s or assessor’s knowledge.

Here we answer frequently asked questions about CPD

Do I have to do this event?

The event is not mandatory.

Why should I to do this event?

To add to your CPD hours (The CPD hours is a recommedation for anyone registered with the Institute for Learning). This event in particular is a fun kind of event where you will be able to socialise with people in similar roles, discuss the most common issues regarding feedback as well as learn / refresh your knowledge and skills.

What are the benefits to me of taking this event?

It answers questions that you might have about providing feedback and gives you the chance to practise effective feedback techniques along with other people involved in teaching and assessing. It also gives you an opportunity to discuss the most common challenges in feedback providing and find out how feedback is provided in other organisations. For those who have not got any experience in providing feedback, the event will be an opportunity to learn new information and skills in a fun way, but for those with experience, it will be a chance to update their knowledge and refresh some tricks that may have been forgotten.

Where did the idea of CPD come from?

The idea of CPD has arisen from the need to update and refresh the knowledge and skills of those who have completed their education and are working.

Over time it is possible that some skills may disappear or become outdated if they are not used. People also loose the kind of support that they had during their education  (and due to time constraints are unable to sign up for long term events).

The role of CPD is to ensure practitioners' professional development in a convenient and easy to manage way that does not interfere with their work responsibilities, rather runs simultaneously.

Having worked with teachers and assessors in the lifelong learning sector for many years now, we have noticed that one of the most difficult things seems to be providing effective and constructive feedback. People wish to be nice to each other and only offer praise to their students / colleagues, etc., however, it is not only ineffective, but it stops learning and development too. Also, it is not so much about what we say, it is about how we say it. When delivering feedback in any form we have to be mindful of how it will be understood, therefore, we have to be careful about it, especially, if some negative comments have to be made.

Constructive feedback skills can always be updated and improved, therefore, it is natural that it is a part of one's continuing professional development.

What does a typical days curriculum look like?

We will start with getting to know each other. You will look at the theory behind providing feedback, discuss written and verbal feedback methods and practise using them. The event is interactive so participation will be required – no sitting and staring at the PowerPoint screen. Once the theory is covered, we will talk about written and verbal feedback separately and practise giving feedback to each other. There are going to be breaks in between.

Who are typical students? (backgrounds, job roles etc)

Anyone who has to provide feedback as part of their existing or future job role. Most likely they will be teachers and assessors in the lifelong learning sector, however, the event is not subject specific and people from all walks of life are welcome.

If you've attended our PTLLS, CTLLS or Assessor Awards event then you should attend this CPD because it will equip you with skills that are briefly introduced on the above mentioned events, but are not covered in greater detail. Effective feedback skills will complement any practising teacher's or assessor's knowledge.

Why is this valuable to employers?

It is valuable because it makes their teachers' and assessors' performance more productive and cost effective. It will ensure that learning does not stop on the last day of the training event, but extends in the work place. Constructive feedback would be helpful and tailored to students / trainees individually and help them work on areas that they need to improve while at work rather than wait till the next training event.

Is the certificate worth anything?

It is a proof that you have completed 4 hours of your CPD hours.

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