Assessor FAQ’s



What about the A1 award for assessors?

The A1 award has been replaced with a selection of new Ofqual approved Assessor qualifications which we now offer.

Which Assessor qualification do I need?

This depends on what type of assessing you are going to do:

What do I need to enrol on an Assessor course?

There are no formal entry requirements, but you'll need to be experienced and/or qualified in your subject area. Ideally you'll also have access to candidates you can assess after you have done the course, as you'll need to carry out real assessments for your portfolio. These candidates can be your colleagues, workmates, or students. You can assess them in a paid or voluntary capacity.

What if I do not have my own candidates?

Having your own candidates is ideal, as these will be assessed by you within your main subject area.  You can ask at local colleges, training organisations or companies to volunteer carrying out assessments. If you cannot locate anybody to be your candidate we can provide you with candidates at our centre.

What does assessing my candidates involve?

Your tutor will guide you through everything needed for your assessments, but generally you will involve liaising with your candidates, giving them feedback as to how well they have done, carrying out observations of candidates' work or learning assignments, setting questions and creating assignments.

I already have an assessing award such as A1 or D32/D33, do I need to requalify with the new awards?

You don't necessarily have to requalify, as long as you keep your assessing skills up to date. Most Awarding Organisations still accept A1 and D32/33 awards as valid. If you have not assessed for a while you should definitely consider one of the new awards, this will ensure that you have the most modern and up to date qualification available today.

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