May 17, 2018

How to Keep your Learners Interested

How to keep your learners interestedDo you ever see your students are gazing pensively out of the window? Is a worried or defeated look depicted on their faces? Or are they supporting their head with their hands, struggling to keep their eyes open? If your answer is ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then it means that your students might not be interested in your lesson. Here’s how you can help to keep them interested.

There are times when learners are distracted for whatever reason and your lesson might not always be the cause of their loss of interest. However, if your students appear to be distracted or unmotivated all the time, then this should ring alarm bells… It is time to take remedial action!

Keeping your students interested has a profound impact on learning. If students are interested in what we teach them, they will not only learn, but they will do it better. Motivated students achieve better grades and have more chances to succeed.

Engaging and motivating students doesn’t always require the teacher to perform somersaults or a juggling act! Simple strategies prove are effective and they will be beneficial for students:

* Be clear when giving instruction and ensure learners understand what they have to do. If things are unclear, students will be frustrated and often disengage from the lesson rather than ask you to clarify.

* Let students have fun and use your sense of humour. Unforgettable lessons always stand out.

* Be positive and encourage students who struggle at completing a task. Offer support if necessary.

* Use a variety of activities and resources. Don’t just stand there talking all the time! Keep your students busy and let them always try new things.

* Give praise. Always recognise students’ efforts and celebrate what they have achieved, but remember that praise needs to be genuine in order to be effective.

Explain and justify why it is necessary to learn certain things. If students know what they can do and apply what they have learned to real life situations, things will make more sense to them.

Find out who your students are, their passions and interests. If you invest some of your time into this, your learners will feel valued and participate spontaneously in the lesson.

Sometimes, you also have to deal with students who are sent by their employer to gain a qualification and improve their knowledge and skills. In this case, students might feel obliged to participate in the lessons, and learning becomes burdensome for them. These students perceive learning not as an opportunity to grab, but as something they have to do just to please the boss. In this case, you will need to gather all your patience and win them over little by little with your enthusiasm. Now it is the right time to use the ace up your sleeve that you have treasured for long time. Involve your students and let them feel part of the group by giving them opportunity to shine and express who they are.

Let your learners impress you by offering them enjoyable and creative activities. Don’t be stingy in terms of fun and you will see that when your students are in the classroom will even forget to have a boss…… least until your lessons end!

Blog author = Benedetta Celeste – Teacher Educator and Assessor for the Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training (DET)


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