What does this course cover?

This covers everything involved in both the Level 3 AET Award in Education and Training and the Level 3 CAVA Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement in one course.

The units included across both courses include:

Unit 1: Understanding roles, responsibilities and relationships in education and training

An introduction to what you need to do in education and training.

Unit 2: Understanding and using inclusive teaching and learning approaches in education and training

Where you plan and carry out a small-scale lesson, also known as microteaching.

Unit 3: Understanding the principles and practices of assessment

Giving you the essential knowledge and theoretical background needed if you are involved with assessing, both as an assessor and a trainer

Unit 4: Assess occupational competence in the work environment

Where you plan, carry out and review assessments in the workplace

Unit 5: Assess vocational skills, knowledge and understanding

Where you plan, carry out and review assessments in a learning environment such as courses, classrooms or refresher training sessions.

What will I get on completion of this combined course?

If you’re unsure on whether to take this combined course online or in-house, rest assured that you will achieve the full Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement (CAVA) and the Level 3 AET Award in Education and Training qualifications. Both are nationally recognised and awarded to you by City and Guilds.

The CAVA qualification gives you the skillset to complete the following:

  • Assessments in the workplace
  • Assessments in the classroom or learning environment

The AET qualification gives you the skillset to carry out:

  • Training both your workplace and on courses
  • Training people on recognised qualifications in your subject area

What can I do with AET & CAVA qualifications?

After gaining the Level 3 AET qualification, many people move on to take the Level 3 CAVA. With these two qualifications, you have proof that you are an assessor and a trainer with expertise in both areas.

With our combined AET and CAVA course, you earn two qualifications that opens doors to new and more advanced employment opportunities within the lifelong teaching sector and in private industry. These qualifications are required to start up and run your own training centre or improve training and assessing at your current place of employment, as they are often a requirement of Awarding Bodies to offer their courses and qualifications to your learners.

Once you have earned your Level 3 AET and Level 3 CAVA qualifications, you could also progress to the Level 4 IQA course to become an Internal Quality Assurer (IQA).

Should I take the combined AET and CAVA course online or in-house?

Whether to take the course online or in-house is entirely up to you. Some students find it more flexible to take their course online and fit it around their schedule, whereas others prefer to take it in-house at their workplace.

The team at Carlton Training will support you with whichever option you choose for your course.

What are the entry requirements?

You will need expertise in the topic you want to teach or assess once qualified.

For the microteaching element you will need a group of at least three people to teach a 15-minute lesson to.

You will also be required to conduct assessments in your workplace and learning environments. This could be in your workplace, a voluntary group or a community setting.

How is the course assessed?

We will assess you on the theory covered throughout the course and how you apply these skills to planning and carrying out assessments and training.

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