Get flexible on-site workplace training that is convenient to your workplace!

Here at Carlton Training, we offer flexible on-site workplace training at a date, time and place that is convenient for your workplace. We bring our expert tutors to your workplace at a date and time to suit you. This on-site training is not only cost-effective, working out to be cheaper per person, but it also gives you the freedom to choose when and where the course takes place. 

We want our courses to be practical for everyone. Our on-site workforce training offers the flexibility of date and time, allowing you the freedom to choose the date and time that suits you best. This allows us to train staff, volunteers and contractors at a time that causes the least disruption to the workplace.

We create positive learning zones

Our on-site workplace training allows you the opportunity to complete our Teacher & Instructor Courses, and Assessor & Quality Assurance Courses in a familiar environment. By bringing the learning experience to your workplace, we create a positive experience in a familiar space. This can boost team spirit and raise staff morale.

We tailor every course to your needs

To make sure your team gets the most out of our courses, we adapt the content to meet the needs of all learners and your workplace. We will tailor our course content and teaching style to best suit your business, ensuring that what we teach is relevant to you, your business and your staff. 

Our highly-qualified teachers understand that people learn in different ways, that is why we work towards training you in the most effective manner.

We provide you with the same high-quality courses

A cheaper and far more flexible solution for workplace learning, our on-site workplace training promises to deliver the same expert tutors and course content as all of the Carlton Training courses. We ensure that no matter the location, date or time, you will leave with refreshed knowledge and an updated set of skills.

Our on-site workplace training will help to achieve:

  • Nationally recognised awards
  • Knowledge and skills required
  • Compliance with standards and regulations

Are you eager to give your team the opportunity to refresh their skills? Simply get in contact to discuss our on-site workplace training. We will bring convenience to your entire team at a cheaper price per person. All we need is a suitable space and confirmation on attendees, we will do the rest!

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