Cardiff Teacher and Assessor Training

The Carlton Training Cardiff teacher and assessor training courses provide the chance for staff to update their skills and gain current qualifications. Working closely with our highly qualified tutors, candidates will learn current industry techniques and theories that can be utilised in any learning or assessment environment.

Centrally located in the Sbectrwn Community Enterprise Centre, our Cardiff teacher and assessor training courses are fully compliant with the regulatory awarding bodies. Along with all UK based training facilities, our Cardiff learning centre undergoes routine inspections. 

Offering courses year round, we ensure all learning opportunities are readily available. For workplaces or employees unable to commit to set course dates or times, we offer on-site training. This means we bring our tutors and course content to the workplace. Contact our team for more information.


0845 299 4049


Sbectrwn Community Enterprise Centre
Bwlch Road