Warrington Teacher and Assessor Training

Throughout our Warrington teacher and assessor training courses, we cover a range of topics for staff development. We conduct workshops, seminars and more to teach modern theories and techniques that candidates can apply in any training or classroom environment. 

Based in the Peace Centre, our Warrington teacher and assessor training courses maintain national recognition. We remain compliant with respective awarding bodies to ensure our training courses uphold credibility and offer current qualifications. 

With training facilities spanning across the UK, we conduct routine inspections to keep our learning centres up to par. Within these locations, we offer an array of courses that run throughout the year.

If a course is not available at a time or location that suits, don’t worry. We also offer on-site training, meaning we bring our course and qualified trainers to the workplace, contact us for more information.


0845 299 4049


Peace Centre
Peace Drive