December 10, 2014

How long will it take to write my AET course assignments?

How long will it take to do my AET course assignments? It depends on when you wish to start writing them, how much time you as an individual need and how motivated you are to achieve the qualification.

AET (Level 3 Award in Education and Training) is made of 3 units which are taught to learners on the course and reinforced with a variety of different course activities like discussions, group work or individual activities. There are many opportunities for you to ask questions and clarify your understanding of the topics when on the course and afterwards. Learners are provided with help and support from their tutors and peer input from their fellow candidates.

Some learners choose to start writing their assignments for the Level 3 qualifications during the course. They try to complete some assignment questions in the evening on each day of the course. The events of the session are fresh in their mind and can help them provide accurate answers to the questions.

Other learners take a different approach and write all their assignments at once after the end of the course. They wish to reflect on the course events and their own overall development as a result of the course first and then start writing their assignments. They find useful the fact that there is a deadline for the submission of their assignments, which motivates learners to finish the coursework in a timely manner.

When writing the AET assignments some students may decide to do some research or further reading so it could be useful to allocate a bit of extra time to do so.

It could be a good idea to make a draft copy of the assignments before emailing them to us. Spell check and carefully review your assignments before you submit your coursework for marking. This will give you an opportunity to ensure that both the content and format of your assignments are flawless and easy to read.

We strive to create a positive, inclusive and supportive atmosphere for our learners not only when you are on the course, but also afterwards, when you are working on your assignments. You can write your  coursework in your own time and at your own pace.
If you have any questions or need our assistance- we are just a phone call away.

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