December 3, 2014

A micro-teaching session – the AET practical course assessment

Planning and delivering a 15 minutes’ micro-teaching session during your Award in Education and Training (AET) course is one of the requirements that will enable you to obtain the desired teaching qualification. The content of the lesson could come from the subject matter that you usually teach or any area that you feel confident or knowledgeable in.

Your lesson must include introduction, development, conclusion with a summary and involvement of your learners throughout the session. Of course your tutor will guide and advise you throughout the course.

Your students will have to be motivated in order to actively participate in your lesson and you will need to assess them to check if the objectives of your lesson have been achieved which means your learners have actually learnt what you intended them to.

It is also necessary to bear in mind the time constraints and keep your lesson within the planned 15 minutes. Effective communication with your learners, a variety of teaching methods, using resources and different techniques will help you keep your session interesting and your learners engaged.

The lesson will have to be well planned beforehand – clear aims and objectives, activities of the learner and teacher, timing as well as a range of teaching and assessment methods. Your tutor will assist you in planning the session and will help you with your lesson plan before your teaching begins.

You will need to make sure that all the materials that you would like to use in your micro session are prepared. It is useful to double-check before your lesson starts that you have the appropriate number of handouts, props and resources. What’s more having a plan B, which can be used in case your original plan falls through, is always a good idea.

Come earlier to the classroom – check the place, arrange the seating, ensure any equipment you are planning to use is working etc. Basically have everything ready before the start of your lesson – that will definitely help you in being more relaxed. After the lesson you will complete a self-evaluation form where you will reflect on your teaching and share your own opinion about it. You will also receive feedback from your tutor and peers and have a chance to discuss the strengths and areas for development of your session.

Micro-teaching is an incredible experience which will certainly improve your future teaching.

Good luck with your teaching!

Blogger : Gosia Borkowska – tutor, assessor and lifelong educator

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