February 10, 2022

New course launched!

Carlton Training have launched a new course, the Level 3 Award in Facilitating Learning and Development.  This qualification is for anybody training individuals on a one-to-one basis, whether this is on formal training courses, company updates, individual development or training for compliance and monitoring.  As such it concentrates on the skills you’ll need to train people as individuals, rather than as a group or in a class. This type of training brings its own challenges and benefits, this course will help you and your learners get the best out of your efforts.

Facilitating Learning
Level 3 Award in Facilitating Learning and Development

The qualification has been developed by City & Guilds and everyone who completes this course successfully gains the nationally recognised certificate. This can help you and your employer prove that you’re able to facilitate learning in your workplace for individuals. Holding such an award will enable you to show that you’re not casually “making it up as you go along” but can indeed give people personal tuition in a professional manner.

In line with other nationally recognised courses, the Level 3 Award in Facilitating Learning and Development is made up of sections known as units. In this case there are two units – theory and practical. For the theory unit you’ll learn:
how people learn best
how to deal with the roles and responsibilities you might face when facilitating learning
how to meet individuals’ needs
how to help individuals develop and learn.

In the practical unit you’ll plan and put into practice one to one learning in real life. You’ll help your learners gain the skills and knowledge they need as well as evaluate how their learning is progressing.

This course is great for you if:

You need to prove your competence in facilitating learning and development to individuals

If your job role requires you to undertake one-one teaching or training (you might be a team leader, supervisor or mentor to less experienced staff)

If you are an assessor who facilitates learning as well as just assessing

If your work involves one-one teaching, coaching or mentoring people to learn new skills or improve their existing ones


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