July 2, 2013

What are the benefits of one -to- one tuition?

One of the most important principles of one-to-one tuition is that teachers can tailor the teaching methods and resources to personal preferences of students.

The content and resources can be specially designed for students to make the process of learning more effective.  Students can learn at pace that is appropriate to their needs which is not always possible when they are in the classroom with other people. Teachers can be flexible with time and number of breaks depending on what suits the learners best.

First of all, one-to-one tuition allows for more personal approach as only two people- a tutor and a student- are present during the session. The atmosphere of one-to-one tuition is less formal, more relaxed and free of any distractions and classroom clashes. From a teacher`s point of view it is important to ensure that the lesson takes place in an environment in which both, a tutor and a student, feel comfortable.

During one-to-one tuition students can identify their personal learning goals and together with their tutor devise their individual learning plans. This situation often leads to students taking control of their learning and achieving their goals sooner than they would otherwise have done.

Another important benefit of one to one tuition is that students get more individual attention, guidance and support from their teachers. Teachers also get to answer their student`s questions and clarify any concerns. Teachers monitor students` progress and development, identify misunderstandings and deal with them immediately.

One to one tuition allows also for more teacher- student interaction, can increase students` confidence and significantly improve their knowledge and skills.

Paulina Pilch (educator, teacher trainer and assessor)


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