March 14, 2013

Why you should have properly qualified instructors in your workforce.

You don’t need us to tell you that maintaining a team of well trained staff plays a key part in the success of your business. What can sometimes be trickier to work out is how to train your staff effectively. The answer is simple.

It all comes down to training the trainer! Having properly qualified instructors in your workforce is massively beneficial to your company, no matter what kind of training your staff may be doing. The expertise and enthusiasm that the instructor develops during their own training filters on down to the staff they go on to teach

At Carlton Training, we offer a range of very popular workplace training courses, such as PTLLS (Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector). On our courses, your teachers in training learn the practical skills required to lead training sessions, such as how to draw up effective lesson plans and put them into practice, as well as how to encourage teamwork, inclusion and embrace diversity. We use a wide variety of hands on training techniques which can later be used by your qualified instructor. For instance, we are enthusiastic about micro teaching sessions, in which student instructors are recorded delivering short lessons in front of each other. Peer to peer feedback on the lessons is exchanged, and students are given the opportunity to watch the recording and identify areas which could be improved upon. Although sessions like this can sometimes be a little daunting, they are usually great fun and a fantastic tool for an instructor’s development.

Employing a dedicated instructor to train all your staff members means that uniformity in your workforce will naturally develop. For the sake of your company’s image, it’s important that your clients are delivered the same quality of service time and time again, by a friendly and positive team of staff who know your organisation inside out.

What’s more, a properly qualified instructor employed to train your staff can dramatically reduce staff turnover, and therefore works out to be very cost effective. Our teacher training courses aren’t just designed to enable instructors to pass skills and knowledge on to staff; they encourage instructors to provide inspiration to their pupils, and promote team building. In order to create a happy and effective team, it is imperative that your staff members are aware of what is expected of them, as employees.  A qualified instructor will be able to provide these kind of guidelines to your team members who in turn are likely to be eager to retain their position within your company on a long-term basis.


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