September 7, 2021

An EQA visit

“…the assessment strategy has been fully complied with and the assessment team had implemented a robust and effective assessment process.”

An EQA visit

Making sure we have good people doing good work are the foundations of the Carlton Training operations. This certainly shows up not just in customer satisfaction but also inspections like this on behalf of awarding organisations.

“The external quality assurance sampling visit incorporated different qualifications, units and assessors confirming that the centre had applied a robust and effective assessment strategy.”

What did the EQA inspection involve? Since inspections can vary it’s hard to identify a typical inspection. This time it was definitely on the thorough end of the spectrum with a wide variety of checks made, including:

Sampling candidate portfolios – that is looking at the work candidates have submitted as their course work
Checking these portfolios against our assessors’ decisions – making sure that candidates get the correct result, that is a pass when they have met the standards and a ‘refer’ when they haven’t as well as appropriate guidance and help to support them.
Interviewing assessors – checking that our assessors at Carlton Training are up to date with their skills and carrying out their roles with competence and fairness.
Interviewing candidates – not as formal as it sounds but speaking to candidates to discusses the course, their assessments and progression

“The learner further explained that there had been significant learning from him attending the course particularly now that he had a clearer understanding of the different learning styles.”

At the end of all this the EQA produced a final report on the centre to the awarding organisation. In our case confirming the high quality of our training, assessment and quality assurance processes and the diligence of our team.

“The IQAs had provided clear developmental feedback to the assessors and the IQA sampling reports were very comprehensive.”


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