September 15, 2021

New course launched – Level 4 Lead IQA

We’ve just launched a new course, the Level 4 Certificate in Leading the Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment Processes and Practice (RQF) which we’re offering through City & Guilds.

Level 4 Lead IQA course

It’s a great course to take if you’re going to be managing or supervising IQAs (Internal Quality Assurers). This is because it covers not only all the things that you’ll need to be an IQA but also how to manage and direct a team of IQAs. You’ll cover everything that is included in the “normal” IQA course plus a unit specifically designed to help you manager, create work plans, supervise and develop your team. Thus, you’ll get the skills not only to be an IQA but also to be a Lead IQA, whether that be in industry, at a college or school or even in a charity or community organisation.

The course itself consists of three units, two of which you might be familiar with if you already have an IQA qualification:

  1. Understanding the principles and practices of internally assuring the quality of assessment
  2. Internally assure the quality of assessment
  3. Plan and monitor work in own area of responsibility

If you’re already and IQA and hold the existing IQA qualification already, then the good news is that you’ll only need to complete one of these three units (Unit 3) to gain this certificate.

Maureen, one of our Lead IQA trainers, says “I’m looking forward to seeing candidates take this as I know that they’ll find it useful at work – it packs in everything that the full IQA course does, plus what they’ll need to manage other IQAs.”


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