March 2, 2012

What is the new PTLLS 6302 course?

What is the new 6302 course?

On the new PTLLS course you will learn things that all effective teachers will find useful. First, we will talk about the role and responsibilities of a teacher, in other words, things that teachers do to make learning enjoyable and inclusive for all. We will discuss how to get ready for a course or a lesson, how to meet learners’ needs, how to teach and assess effectively and finally how to evaluate own teaching. We will also explain what records to keep and how to use them to benefit your teaching.

One part of the course is practical lesson planning during which you will learn about lesson aims and objectives, key stages of a lesson and how to teach bearing in mind different students’ needs. You will also have a chance to use the lesson plan and deliver a short lesson to other students on the course. The topic of the lesson can be subject of your choice. After the lesson you will receive feedback which will help you develop your planning and teaching skills.

Lastly, we will talk about how adults learn, how to choose the right methods and materials for all and how to motivate your learners. You will learn about constructive feedback and how to use it to support students on your course.

Overall, this course will give you basic skills to plan, prepare and deliver learning effectively.

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