October 11, 2018

What you can learn from the DET Course?

The DET (Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training) is a vocational qualification that allows you to become a fully qualified teacher by gaining QTLS (Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills). Once you’ve completed the qualification and gained your certificate, you can apply for QTLS by submitting an application to the Society for Education and Training but… Not so fast! First, to get your DET qualification you will need to complete the course for about six months and pass a total of four mandatory units. There are also a number of optional units you can choose from and that you will need to complete.

What you learn on the DET course

The course covers a variety of activities – all carefully planned and designed by your tutor. You will have the opportunity to learn about inclusion, lesson planning, assessment, as well as learning theories by taking part in discussions, pair and group work, mind mapping activities to name just a few. Moreover, you won’t spend all the time in the classroom taking notes. Your teacher has many fun and interactive activities, tasks and sessions planned for you! Many activities that have proved popular among our students are carried out on online learning platforms by using the newest and most powerful learning tools. Taking part in the activities is beneficial, as you will have the chance to share your opinions and ideas with your classmates and learn from them too. Being part of a class of students who have different backgrounds, qualifications, knowledge and skills will inspire you and help you develop your teaching practice.

During the course your tutor will also observe you while you teach your students. This will be the perfect time to show your ability and to apply what you have learned in your lessons to real life teaching. Your lessons will be graded according to the Ofsted criteria by your tutor who will also offer you guidance and support, as well as invaluable advice on how to improve your teaching

This course is perfect for you, as it helps you to plan and deliver sessions by taking into account your students’ needs and learning preferences. You will learn how to design and carry out more inclusive and creative activities that learners will enjoy, as you imagination will take off by taking part in fun activities during the course. You will also learn ‘how people learn’, discovering how knowledge is gained and retained. This is important for teachers who want to deliver engaging and interesting lessons, as this will increase their chances to be successful and capable facilitators in the classroom. Taking the Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training course will give you the knowledge and skills you need to be the teacher that every student would want to have!

Blogger = B. Celeste – Teacher Educator and Assessor


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