May 10, 2017

Why your Company needs to Invest in Workplace Instructors

Workplace instructors are important for in-house training and are a cost effective way to enhance the skillset of your employees.

In any workplace it is often difficult to justify to the directors, the accounts dept., or anybody else with their fingers on the purse strings; so why you should spend money training instructors?  After all, you’ve most likely got regular team members who act in the instructor role for things like induction training, staff updates, in-service training. And no doubt these people really know their stuff, of course they do because that’s how they got chosen and promoted. Your directors or budget managers will say to you: “why should we spend money on these folks? They’re already experts.”

It’s at this stage that you might get that sinking feeling we’ve all experienced at work when someone questions a request budget item. You’re certain that you’re doing the right thing by requesting funds to train your instructors and you know instinctively that polishing up the instructors’ skills will boost the company.  But how to put this across to those in charge of the money?  It’s hard to convince people just by saying “I just know it’s right”, especially when there’s money involved.

Probably the best way to solve this is to clearly set out the reasons your company should invest in its instructors so that it’s easy for those in power to say yes.  Like most things in life as long as people can see what’s in it for them they’ll be keen to go ahead. And since all companies and departments have a budget, the best reason to invest in getting your instructors up to scratch is the bottom line, here are some financial points for you to talk about with the budget-holders:

Save money by improving efficiency – getting it right first time with training will have a big impact on workplace efficiently, reducing mistakes, errors and cutting down on the time needed for employees to get to grips with their tasks. Getting instructors and trainers up to the latest standards via a recognised qualification will make the company run smoothly and efficiently.

Get more value for money from people – a lot of folk compare things or supplies they buy on a value for money basis, but hardly anybody looks at people in this way. But they should, after all you are buying peoples’ time, skills and effort so why not look at the value you are getting compared with other companies and departments?  A boost to the quality of the training which your people get will help them work to the very best of their abilities. You’ll find that getting people’s skills enhanced by professionally planned and taught training sessions will soup-up their abilities and enable you to get that much more out of the workforce on a permanent basis.  Words like “multi-skilling”, “up-skilling” and “versatility” are all great ways to describe some of the benefits of this approach to training.

Save money by reducing staff turnover – when staff leave, whether they have been poached by a rival, left the sector for a new career or for personal reasons, the impact on your organisation is costly and time-consuming. New hires always take time to recruit and fit in with the existing team, plus there are always teething problems, errors and glitches which go with any change of personnel.

Remember that the days of a “job for life” are over and today’s fast changing, interconnected word means that people can move jobs and careers with much more ease than in the past so we need to give people reasons to stay.  Proper training is part of staff development, an opportunity for people to keep up with current developments, skills and techniques.  Qualified trainers versed in modern, up to date, training techniques can really show people that they are valued and improving members of a team. Not all companies see this, so if you can get your instructors up to scratch you’ll help the company get ahead of the curve. Remember good training is something people look forward to and helps build their confidence, self-worth and improves morale – all of which do marvels for staff retention.

Exceed industry standards – many companies operate to industry standards, whether in technical fields where IT an engineering skills are apparent or in the creative fields where creativity and innovation are called for. But as many firms struggle to meet these standards you have an opportunity to steal a march on your rivals by building a team of trainers, managers and supervisors well versed in how to train people to meet and exceed the accepted standards in your sector.  By doing this your company will be able to enhance its reputation and become an industry leader.  This could be just what is needed to give you the edge in a competitive and changing marketplace.

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