January 6, 2016

Pathways to becoming a Teacher

It’s no secret that schools are struggling to find enough teachers, and a 2012 change in the law means that teaching children is to longer restricted to people with full qualified teacher status (QTS). Carlton Training’s Level 5 DET course makes it possible to apply for qualified teacher learning and skills status (QTLS), and it could be your route to a great new career.



The traditional route to teaching in English or Welsh primary and secondary schools is through PGCE and QTS. This means getting a degree and then spending a year in teacher training getting a Postgraduate Certificate of Education (PGCE) qualification. PGCE graduates are then able to complete experience on the job as Newly Qualified Teachers before gaining Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).

This route is still available to would-be teachers but it takes a long time to get through so it isn’t a practical option for everybody.. Because gaining QTS via the PCGE route take a long time this is a barrier to entry for people wanting to become teachers. That’s why 2012, the law was changed to create an alternative and give people who already had teaching skills the chance to use them in schools.



It is recognised that people qualified in Education and Training via the Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training are already on their way to becoming capable teachers. In the past, they were only allowed to teach adults (people aged over 16), but since 2012 they have been allowed to teach children as well provided they can attain QTLS status. People with a Level 5 DET qualification can apply for this. As with all teachers, it is still up to the individual school or board of governors to make the decision to hire a person.

QTLS status means that you will be formally recognised as a professional teacher or trainer. You can use the initials to signify your designation and it’s equivalent in law to QTS for teaching in schools. It’s ideal for people who are ready to advance their careers and take on new challenges, and it shows potential employers that you have valuable skills and knowledge as well as a real commitment to your chosen profession.

Carlton Training’s Level 5 DET cour,se also provides valuable continuing professional development (CPD), enhancing your skills and boosting your confidence about what you can achieve.


A teaching career

The current shortage of qualified teachers means that there are lots of job opportunities out there, right across England and Wales. Level 5 DET and QTLS status can put you in high demand. Teachers today can earn quite competitive salaries and you’ll also have the satisfaction of helping other people learn. When you teach children, you have the power to transform their lives.


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