July 29, 2014

Life after the AET course (Award in Education and Training)

If you have gained the AET (Award in Education and Training) you’re all set to start delivering great lessons, but if you’re not exactly sure what to do next, check out the advice from our teacher training team.


Knowledge is the key – so get more of it ! life after the AET course

Of course you’ll already have great knowledge of the subject you wish to teach, however as in other areas of life, there is always plenty left to learn.



Update your subject knowledge.

Of course we all like to convince ourselves and others that we are experts in or field of work, but there is never a shortage of new things to learn. If you have got AET and started doing quite a bit of teaching/training you’ll find that you’re no longer in the frontline so to speak. This means that there is a risk of gradually getting out of date. Combat this by keeping in touch with your colleagues and team members, attending meetings and events with people in your industry and reading the trade press. There is an expression for this Continuing Professional Development (CPD): Keeping your skills and knowledge up to date is an important part of the teaching process and can really make a difference to the quality and success of your lessons.


Take the CET course

CET (Certificate in Education and Training) is another step up from the AET course and is a longer and more in-depth qualification. To get on the course you will need to be doing some training since one of the requirements to get this qualification is to be observed teaching real candidates. This course will gain you 36 credits.


Take the DET course

The DET (Diploma in Education) is equivalent to a Post Graduate qualification such as the PGCE and will enable you to claim full QTLS (Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills). The course involves an intensive mixture of intensive lessons, guided study and research which you carry our as well as observations of your own teaching. You will gain at least 120 credits via this qualification.


Expand the number of courses you are able to teach

Increasing the range and depth of the training you are able to teach is a great way to capitalise on your AET qualification and put your skills to work. Have a look at what you are already teaching


Try some one-to-one tuition

Offering to help an existing teacher or trainer is a good way to get experience. You might find that if you offer to help a teacher they might ask you to lend a hand with a student who is struggling with the course or getting left behind. Rather than a chore, think of this as a change to expand your teaching skills and polish what you have learnt on the AET course.


Improve your company training courses.

A lot of company inductions make watching paint dry seem interesting ! If you have to put up with death by PowerPoint ? Well now you know how to design and teach great lessons it’s the ideal time to get stuck in to improving what is taking place.You might find lots of things you can improve upon, from planning to presentation to assessment – all of which you’ll know how to sort out. And don’t forget by doing this you’ll use your new skills and benefit all concerned. This will also help cement your place as an important person in the company.


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